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Dec 2013

YLC Fundraising successes, Financial status, and MORE!
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Happy New Year 2014!

Update: Fundraising Bonanza Closes with Exciting Finish

Last Tuesday, the day before we welcomed the new year, marked the end of the YLC's six-week Fundraising Bonanza. Initially, the goal was to raise 20,000 lek to help cover the overall costs of the conference. It may have seemed like a daunting task, but OA clubs across Albania stepped up to the challenge, and with gusto we might add. Not only did these OA clubs raise 20,000 lek, but they manage to exceed and DOUBLE that amount, raising a cool 41,600 lek across six OA sites. Great job to everyone who participated!   


Here's a complete break-down of what each site raised:


It's Raffle Time! 

Complementing this year's Fundraising Bonanza was a raffle, promising great prizes to be awarded at the end of the YLC conference to those lucky enough to have winning tickets. Of course, the more tickets you have, the greater your chance of winning. So it's no surprise that OA clubs came up with some great ways to earn some funds for the YLC and raffle tickets at the same time. For every 200 lek raised, that OA group received a ticket. Check out the final numbers below. Great job to everyone involved, and good luck taking home a top prize! 

Fiorina, 9th grade, Leskovik

Leskovik had a sweet idea to help them snag some raffle tickets—a cookie fundraiser! Here's Fiorina with her thoughts about the experience:

"It was a good experience for me, because we made a lot of money and we had much fun together. I think that we can do it again, when we need money for things. This raffle could only have one winner, but it was not a problem for the others, I think. The winners at the end were just the luckiest!"


 Jamie Lamson: Club Leader, Fundraiser Extraordinaire  

Jamie Lamson is the club leader for OA in Leskovik. Jamie took some time to discuss with us how they made this fundraiser work. If you are scratching your head for fundraising ideas, take note of this!

"We all know that fundraising is hard work. Leskovik, as most PC sites with active clubs, has seen it's variety of fundraisers over the past years. There have been karaoke parties, bake sales, movie showings and more. So, when presented with the challenge of fund raising for OA YLC we here in Leskovik decided we wanted to try something new, fun, and preferably somewhat festive with the holidays right around the corner. Our solution, a cookie raffle! We started by explaining our idea to our club kids, then we got permission from the local school, and off we went. 

The first step was making raffle tickets. We took plain white paper, wrote different numbers on small squares we cut out, and then put a variety of colorful stamps on the front. Our next step was advertising, a few days before the ticket sales we put up colorful hand drawn flyers all over school, and also started spreading word of mouth. For three days our club kids sold tickets with us during pushim i madhe, at 20 leke a piece. As kids were buying tickets for the raffle we wrote down their names, as well as their grade in order to make things easier later on. We also got one of our local dyqans to sell tickets to community members. On the fourth days we raffled off four cookie baskets, and delivered them to the winners. It was really easy since there was not much prep work involved, and what kid does not want a chance to win some American cookies, courtesy of PCV's throughout the southern region?? In total we sold 210 tickets and made 4200 Leke, 3000 of which will go to the OA YLC, and 1200 of which will go to our clubs local activities."

What is YLC though???

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